Andrés Amaya, Co Owner/ CEO

Wait a minute, is this a photo of Andina’s CEO or its Head Chef?

He is indeed the older of the Amaya Brothers, co-founder of Andina Brewing Co. and our very competent CEO in charge of the front of the house operations. So why the chef jacket? Well, along with being the “Family Boss”, Andrés is bringing to the brewery his love for good food by being the creator of our amazing lineup of ceviches. He really enjoys cooking delicious dishes for his wife –Andina’s Financial Director- and his two kids.


His fondness for the good things in life that besides food includes wine, music, art and a good cigar, started early when he left his native Colombia to go to Paris.  This “Citizen of the World” has lived, studied, worked in or visited a total of 52 countries -yes, we counted them!  And through his travels he has acquired an impressive set of skills and experiences that he is now applying to Andina, which embodies his ultimate dream “to own my own business before the age of 50”.


Andrés’ professional background in the Hospitality Industry includes managerial posts in some of the best hotels in Colombia, United States and Canada, and later as a Quality Assurance Manager around the world. He knows exactly the high quality standards that Andina Brewing Company needs to implement so it can become “the Greatest Micro-Brewery in BC”.

Motto: “Justice for everyone – Everything happens for a reason – later I will find out why”.

First Craft Beer: Driftwood’s Pale Ale                  

Favorite style of Beer: Porter, Stout

Ben Greenberg, Head Brewer

Ben’s philosophy on brewing is that beer is meant to be fun and enjoyed with friends and family. Beer is more than just a delicious drink. It’s a central ingredient in celebrations, weekends, dinners and many other social moments. Whether brewing a traditional style beer or a trendy hazy IPA, Ben is always trying to create a beer that people will love and love sharing.

From his early days of homebrewing, Ben was designing his own recipes and creating his own styles of beer based on what he, his family and his friends enjoyed the most. The social aspect of his creations was already there.

After starting Night Owl Brewing, he continued this mantra by creating some favourite fruit beers, stouts and IPAs. One of his most enjoyed times running Night Owl was working behind the bar, sharing his beers and talking with customers about what they liked about his lasted batch. These moments of having great times with customers, friends and family with his brews is what drives Ben’s passion today at Andina Brewing.

Julian Ocampo, Head Chef

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